How Much Filler Do I Need

The amount of filler required will be different depending on the individuals needs and starting penis size. Larger starting penis sizes will need more filler to achieve the same goal as someone with a smaller penis.

We commonly get phone calls requesting 3-4 inch gains and this is an outright unrealistic expectation. There is no penis enlargement procedure that can get gains of this magnitude. Patients should expect to gain 1 inch in girth for a standard treatment. How big is 1 inch? Its quite a big change. For the average person that is a 25% increase. Would you be ok with your penis thickness being approximately 25% larger? This is a reasonable expectation. As for length, the typical length increase would be a maximum of 0.75 inches in the flaccid state. The length increase is due to the penis “weighing” more and hanging lower as a result. Additionally a bit of rigidity in the flaccid state makes it less able to shrink.

fillers vs surgery - image shows young man sitting on bench thinking

Upsize Procedure is your best option for non surgical minimally invasive penis enlargement.

The following is a table displaying the amount of filler that would be required for typical patients with typical starting penis sizes.

Since the average erect penis length is about 5.5 inches, patients can expect to gain 1 inch in thickness at around 20ml of filler. Of course many of our patients have had better results than this however this is a reasonable expectation you should have so as to not be disappointed.

If you have further questions, please give us a call our text at 628-243-5841 and our patient coordinator will be glad to help you.