Frequently Asked Questions

Common Penile Enlargement Questions

The Upsize procedure is a penis filler injection procedure that uses a well-established hyaluronic acid dermal filler identical to those used in the face.

The penis enlargement filler technique requires one or more office visits of filler injections done under local anesthesia. The number of office visits will depend ultimately on how much girth increase a patient desires.

Prices start at $5490 which achieves significant girth.  See our pricing page for all options.

Almost any girth desired is possible over a series of visits. We do the penile filler procedure in stages as this results in a more uniform appearance. Patients can expect a gain of about 0.5-0.75 inches in circumference per visit. The average patient desiring a drastic change will require two to three visits, however there will be noticeable gains after the first visit. See our girth enlargement planning chart to determine exactly how much filler you may require.

The results from the procedure are expected to last approximately 2 years. Our expectation is that there should be 80% retention of filler at 2 years. This can vary depending on the specific patient. As degradation is linear, a smaller amount (ie. top-up package for $3500) can be added at any time to get your size back to baseline.  Minor touchups or increases can be achieved at any time if desired.

We utilize a dermal filler that has been used safely in the face and the penis for many years. Hundreds of thousands of procedures with dermal filler have been done world wide with very few complications. The procedure is done in a medical facility in a procedure room under sterile conditions. Note that many other penile enlargement clinics use a “clean” technique rather than “sterile” technique as we do.  Although any medical procedure has risks, it is safer than penis enlargement surgery and complications are incredibly rare. Furthermore, the dermal filler can be dissolved and reversed if there are any undesirable effects.

Most men who would like a larger penis can benefit from the procedure. We can successfully increase girth to almost any size that the patient desires over a series of office visits. Most patients will experience an increase in penile flaccid length however this is not the primary goal of the procedure.

First you will meet with one of our doctors to determine if the procedure is right for you. This includes a review of your medical history and your current size. We will then determine your size goal and plans. Now it is time for the procedure. The entire procedure from start to finish takes about 30 minutes. Generally there is minimal to no discomfort as all pertinent areas will be numbed with local anesthetic. Filler is injected underneath the skin/superficial fascia. It is then molded into place. You may go home with a compressive dressing. We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.

The Upsize technique is a non surgical technique that uses injections of dermal fillers. It is an injectable technique that can be done under local anesthesia. In rare cases we can arrange for patients to be given sedation anesthesia if they are anxious although this is not necessary.

Upsize is primarily a girth enhancement procedure.  You will gain some flaccid length however the prominent effects will be erect and flaccid girth.

Length increasing procedures require major surgery and implants such as Penuma and Alloderm grafts or suspensory ligament cutting.  All of these surgeries have a very high rate of dissatisfaction and are expensive.  Despite this, the maximum length you can gain from any of them is about 1.5 inches.  Therefore there are no available options to gain more than 1.5 inches in length.  Upsize however has a very high satisfaction rate, can get you almost unlimited girth and even 0.5-0.75 inches of flaccid length for a fraction of the cost and much more safely.  Furthermore, most partners overwhelmingly prefer girth to length therefore Upsize is the ideal way to please your partner.

Upsize is a penis enlargement procedure.  It will have no effect on erectile dysfunction.

Upsize should have little to no effect of sensation.

Penis filler injections are more natural appearing and feeling than traditional penis enlargement surgery.  To see examples of patients before/after penis filler injection click here.  

In the rare chance of asymmetry or a non ideal appearance, patients can return to the office to have this corrected by dissolving areas of filler or by injecting filler into deficient areas. This resolves most cosmetic issues. The procedure can also be completely reversed in the rare chance of being unsatisfied or changes in life circumstances. This is a substantial advantage over other permanent filler techniques using silicone or collagen which are completely permanent once injected.