Where do you stand?

Penis Size Calculator

Run the numbers. Calculate your penis size percentile using our calculator.  Determine where you stand in comparison to others.  If penile enhancement is right for you, our calculator can inform you of your options.

Enhance Your Confidence

Upsize Procedure is your trusted partner in personal enhancement. We understand that confidence comes from within, and sometimes, a little boost can make a big difference. Specializing in high-quality penis fillers, we offer a discrete, professional service designed to help you feel your best.

Understanding Average Sizes

Curious about how you measure up? You’re not alone. Most men wonder how their penis size compares to the average. Generally, the average erect penis is about 5.1 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth. However, what’s average doesn’t have to be your normal. With Upsize Procedure, you can achieve the dimensions that make you feel most confident.

Penis Size Calculator

Our Penis Size Calculator is a simple and confidential tool to help you understand where you stand in relation to other men. Just enter your measurements, and our calculator will tell you your percentile. Based on your results, we’ll suggest a customized filler plan to help you reach your desired girth and length.

How It Works:

1. Input Your Current Measurements: Length and girth.
2. View Your Percentile: See how you compare to other men.
3. Get Personalized Recommendations:Based on your goals, we’ll suggest how much filler you might consider to achieve your desired outcome.

Upsize Offerings:

Penis Girth Enhancement: Safe and effective fillers to increase girth.

– Consultation Services: Talk to our experts to understand what’s right for you.

– Length Enhancement: Neuromodulators, stretching devices and filler can all increase length.

– Post-Procedure Care: Dedicated support throughout your enhancement journey.

Penis Size Calculator

Penis Size Calculator

Average Dimensions Used for Calculations:

Average Length: 5.16 inches

Average Girth: 4.59 inches

Original Results:

Potential Increases with Upsize Treatments:

*All procedures are carried out by certified professionals. Individual results may vary. Please consult with a professional to discuss potential risks and benefits.*

Calculator is for educational purposes only.