RestoreX Penile Lengthening Traction Device for Length

Upsize is an authorized distributor of RestoreX in the United States. RestoreX is the only clinically trialed true medical device to increase penile length in men.

Urologist Approved

RestoreX was developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic and was invented by a board-certified Urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health. RestoreX treats lost penile length due to chronic disease and peyronies disease. It has also been shown to increase length by up to 0.75 inches when used as directed.

Easy to use

RestoreX is easy to use. Unlike other systems that utilize complicated attachments, lubrication, suction bulbs and straps to allow the user to wear the device for 5 hours or more, RestoreX simplicity is matched by its convenience of using it in the privacy of your home for 2, 30-minute treatments per day.

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Clinically Proven

RestoreX has been shown to increase penile length in men by 0.75 inches in a 2023 clinical trial. Additional randomized, controlled clinical trials were in men with chronic Peyronie’s disease. The 3-month results from the study of men with PD were published in the Journal of Urology in September 2019 and the 6-month results presented at a recent Urology conference (March 2019). Additionally, a study was completed using RestoreX in combination with enzyme injections. This study was also published and appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2019. RestoreX is also the only device to conduct a clinical trial in the US for lengthening in men post-prostatectomy or men with a chronic disease such as Diabetes. Preliminary results demonstrate successful outcomes in these groups of men and can be viewed in the clinical results section.

Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

RestoreX was designed using computer-aided modeling and is made in the USA with premium construction materials.

Upsize and RestoreX

RestoreX can be used on its own as a penile lengthening device. For those who want results at the next level, it can be combined with the Upsize Length-X procedure for even firmer erections and longer length. For maximum results, it can be further combined with Upsize Original or Upsize Advanced to increase girth.

Buy Restorex

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