Penis Enlargement Anatomy

History of Penile Dermal Fillers

During Hyaluronic acid injections for penile girth enhancement, doctors take care to avoid injecting into or near critical anatomical structures in the penis. This ensures a low rate of complications and a high safety profile. For reference, you can see a cross section of a penis showing the area that the filler is injected into. Great care is taken to avoid injection near the urethra, vascular structures, neuro structures or deep to the bucks fascia. Many other physicians will not inject deep enough however resulting in a lumpy appearance and suboptimal cosmetic results. It is important to have an experienced physician perform the procedure who is comfortable injecting into the right plane at the right depth thereby avoiding complications and ensuring good cosmetic outcomes.

What is the average penile girth?

The penile girth, or circumference is considered the most important penile attribute for partner satisfaction. The average flaccid girth is about 4 inches or 10 cm. Filler injections will increase the flaccid and erect girth thereby offering impressive cosmetics and partner satisfaction.

What is the average penile length?

The average flaccid penile length is 3.5 inches. When erect, the average is 5 inches. Filler injections will often increase 0.5 to 0.75 inches in flaccid length however will not increase erect length. Although 0.5 inches does not sound like a lot, it is actually about a 15 percent increase which can be quite noticeable.

Penis Cross

Filler injected into the urethra, arteries, veins or corpus cavernous/spongiosum could have serious consequences. Having said that, these complications are incredibly rare in skilled hands. It is because of this that it is important that you have a trained physician specialist perform your procedure. Many enlargement clinics are delegating these delicate procedures to nurses or even non medical personnel. At Upsize Clinic you will always have your procedure done by Dr. Friedlander or Dr. Pash.