Upsize Providers

Upsize Penis Enlargement Providers

Dr. Ashish Bhavsar

Dr. Bhavsar is a board-certified physician with more than 15 years of experience in treating patients. Dr. Bhavsar believes that achieving optimal wellness is a process, and it involves a strong partnership with his patients, and not just a prescription. He began his career as general surgery resident, then transitioned into a family medicine residency in Florida. Since his graduation from the residency, he has been a fellow in cosmetic surgery, geriatric dermatology, anti-aging, functional medicine, sexual wellness, and advanced wound-care. He believes in a comprehensive approach to patients’ needs, not just merely treating a disease state. He believes in a holistic approach addressing nutritional status, weight, stress reduction, overconsumption of stimulants, proper rest and sleep patterns, family history, hormonal imbalance, and gut-health.

Dr. Bhavsar has performed over 5000 penile enhancement procedures over his 10 year career in male sexual wellness.

Dr Ashish Bhavsar
2720 N Harbor Blvd. Ste 350. Fullerton, CA 92835

What Is Upsize?

Upsize is a penis enlargement procedure which uses FDA approved dermal filler to increase erect and flaccid girth.  Flaccid length gains can occasionally also be seen.  Upsize penile filler is the safest and most natural appearing option available to increase penile girth and length.  The procedure can be done in office the same day as your consultation and you will see immediate gains before leaving the office.  There is no downtime and you can return to work right away.  As opposed to other gimmicky options available on the market such as pumps, pills, and plasma injections, Upsize will result in real immediate obvious gains.