Penile Length Device

Restorex is the only method clinically proven to increase penis length by up to 0.75 inches. Combine RestoreX with the Upsize Procedure to gain even more size including girth and width.

Upsize™ is an injectable medical procedure performed by licensed doctors in the United States and Europe.
RestoreX is the only clinically proven medical device that can increase penile length by up to 0.75 inches.

Upsize™ and RestoreX

Both Upsize and RestoreX can increase the size of the penis. Upsize Procedure provides girth increase by adding dermal filler into the penile shaft. RestoreX on the other hand provides penile length using penile traction. RestoreX is the only method clinically proven to increase penile length by up to 0.75 inches. For even more impressive results, many patients choose to combine Upsize with RestoreX to gain impressive girth and length. Either option can be used alone or together.

MechanismPenile Filler InjectionsPenile Traction
EffectPenile Erect and Flaccid Girth / Thickness IncreasePenile Length Increase
Time to effectImmediate results3 months
Intracavernosal injections required?NoNo
Number of doctor visits10-1
CostStarts at $5490$525
Can be combined for even better results?YESYES

Increasing Penile Length and Girth in Healthy Men Using a Novel Protocol: The P-Long Study 

J Brandeis, S Lu, C Runels

The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 20, Issue Supplement_1, May 2023, qdad060.125,


22 May 2023

RestoreX Device


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What is Upsize™?

Safe and Immediately Effective Injectable Enlargement Procedure

Upsize™ proprietary injectable penis enlargement procedure uses a cross linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler to increase girth, thickness and presence. 

Upsize™ is a medical procedure done in the office by a medical professional.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is done using local anesthesia, requiring no cutting or stitches.  The results are immediate and you can return to regular activities immediately. 

Upsize™ results can not be obtained elsewhere. Upsize’s proprietary 2-hole aesthetic micro-cannula technique provides comfort, safety and smooth results.  Created by doctors trained at Stanford and Rush University, Upsize™ is the safest and most effective way to enlarge your penis.

Why Upsize™?

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85% of partners prefer penile girth over length

Injectable Medical Procedure

Injectable real and effective penis enlargement procedure done safely. Immediate, impressive results without surgery or implants.

Safe and Long Lasting

Safer than penis enlargement surgery with better outcomes. No incisions, no cutting. Results are long lasting yet reversible if desired.

No Downtime

Return to work and activities the same day. Upsize™ has the fastest recovery of all penis enlargement procedures.

Expert Physicians

Upsize™ is created and run by Stanford and Rush trained physicians.

Natural Appearance

More natural appearance and feel compared to penis enlargement surgery

From $3,500 to $13,690

A range of options available depending on the size increase you desire.

Upsize™ Procedure By Location

Find an Upsize™ Doctor Near You

Upsize is the fastest growing male enhancement medical procedure.  With doctors in the United States and Europe, Upsize is available to more men than ever.  Click below to find an Upsize trained medical professional in your area.

Before / After Photo Gallery

Click below to view our latest real patients with real girth enhancement results.

Advantages of the Upsize™ Procedure

How is Upsize™ better?

The Upsize procedure is the safest and most effective way to increase the girth of your penis.  Learn how Upsize compares to other penis enlargement options



What Our Patients Say

Real Google Reviews. Click here to see more.

Luis RPosted on Google
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Amazing results, I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time and I finally decided to go for it. Dr. Pash is great, very helpful with any questions or concerns, very gentle and makes sure that there is no pain during the procedure he is always available to personally answer any questions. Rod in the front Desk is also very knowledgeable and professional.
Blessyour SoulPosted on Google
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They are very helpful very respectful and reassuring. I was very nervous, very anxious, but they talk to me and walked me through everything. Explained everything in terms that I can understand and reassured me that everything was gonna be great. If you’re going to go anywhere to see actual results I suggest you come here and see the people at Upsize, they are the best. Don’t waste your time with the rest.
Bryan BPosted on Google
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Throughout my entire life, until now, I never felt like I was enough. The procedure is simple. Each visit is painless and relatively quick. And now things have changed. The results are amazing. Self-confidence is boosted and my partners' satisfaction is guaranteed. The Doctor takes the time to go over every aspect of what to expect and takes the time to understand the patient and what their goals are. Very knowledgeable and understanding, he is there to guide his patients every step of the way. Not to mention the amazing staff that always makes you feel welcome, always friendly, and treat patients like long-time friends.


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Your first consultation is an assessment for the Upsize™ penis enlargement procedure. You will meet with the provider to discuss your options and goals and then come up with a treatment plan. If desired, you will be able to have your penis enlargement procedure done on the same day. You will see immediate results after the first treatment. Your procedure will be done by the certified Upsize™ practitioner at your location.

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Are you interested in penile enlargement but don’t understand your options? Do you have questions about how the Upsize™ Procedure compares?  Is the Upsize™ Procedure right for you?  Schedule your free telephone information session with one of our penis girth enlargement specialists.

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If you are looking for a way to safely make your penis thicker, while keeping its natural appearance and texture, Upsize™ may be for you.

Have you been considering male enhancement and want to know how Upsize™ is the best option? Our penile enlargement specialists can help.  

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Your Questions, Answered

Prices start at $5490 which achieves significant girth.  See our pricing page for all options.

Almost any girth desired is possible over a series of visits. We do the penile filler procedure in stages as this results in a more uniform appearance. Patients can expect a gain of about 0.5-0.75 inches in circumference per visit. The average patient desiring a drastic change will require two to three visits, however there will be noticeable gains after the first visit. See our girth enlargement planning chart to determine exactly how much filler you may require.

The results from the procedure are expected to last approximately 2 years. Our expectation is that there should be 80% retention of filler at 2 years. This can vary depending on the specific patient. As degradation is linear, a smaller amount (ie. top-up package for $3500) can be added at any time to get your size back to baseline.  Minor touchups or increases can be achieved at any time if desired.

We now offer a semi permanent option (select clinics only) that should last between 3-5 years. See our pricing page for details.

The Upsize™ procedure is a non surgical technique that uses injections of dermal fillers. It is an injectable technique that can be done under local anesthesia. In rare cases we can arrange for patients to be given sedation anesthesia if they are anxious although this is not necessary.

Upsize is primarily a girth enhancement procedure.  You will gain some flaccid length however the prominent effects will be erect and flaccid girth.  There are unfortunately no medical procedures in existence that can add erect length.

Upsize™ should have little to no effect of sensation.

Penis filler injections are more natural appearing and feeling than traditional penis enlargement surgery.  To see examples of patients before/after penis filler injection click here.  

An Interview With the Co-creator of Upsize™

Dr. Pash discusses the Upsize™ Procedure on Realself

Play Video about dr. pash discussed penis enlargement cost and penis filler options in california