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Upsize Clinic is a well known provider of penis fillers and penis enlargement to Reddit users.  We often have patients who have found us on Reddit or Phalloboards and compared us to other penis enlargement procedures such as Penuma implants or suspensory ligament release.  The following are some answers to frequently asked penis enlargement questions.

Is Upsize Procedure a penis enlargement surgery?

Upsize is not an enlargement surgery, per se, rather it is a penis injection procedure using hyaluronic acid dermal filler.  It is typically safer and faster than penis enlargement surgery and has more natural appearing results.

I have seen discussion of Penuma on Reddit. How does Upsize compare to Penuma?

Upsize is a dermal filler procedure vs Penuma which is a major implant surgery.  Advantages of Upsize compared to Penuma include: Upsize is less expensive, has less infection risk, does not require general anesthesia, has a faster recovery time and a high patient satisfaction rate. It also tends to look more natural.  Both options have a similar efficacy (1-2 inches in girth and 0.75 inches in flaccid length.)

Users on Reddit Penis Enlargement discussion groups have reported problems with suspensory ligament surgery. How does Upsize compare?

Suspensory ligament surgery is only able to increase flaccid length compared to Upsize which effects flaccid length and erect and flaccid girth.  Suspensory ligament surgery has a relatively high rate of patient dissatisfaction due to the ligament scarring and actually causing a shorter penis over time.  This is not a risk with Upsize. We have seen users on the Reddit penis enlargement forums complain of this very thing occurring.

Are there any penis enlargement discounts for Reddit users?

We offer competitive discounts to Reddit users looking for hyaluronic acid penis filler or enlargement techniques in general.  When you contact our clinic, ask us for the Reddit discount.

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