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Austin, TX

Austin Upsize Penis Enlargement Providers

Dr. John Arraf

Dr. John Arraf

1508 Dessau Ridge Ln

Suite 504

Austin, TX  78754


Dr. Arraf provides The Upsize Procedure in Austin, TX where he is the director of Glacier Medical, a Men’s Health Clinic specializing in injectable medications and male enhancement.

He attended medical school in Canada at The University of Saskatchewan before completing residency in anesthesiology at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. He went on to complete a fellowship in pain medicine and is a highly skilled physician with thousands of complex image guided injections to his credit. Dr. Arraf co-authored two textbooks and has been in practice over 25 years. He is board certified in both Canada and the USA.

What Is Upsize?

Upsize is a penis enlargement procedure which uses FDA approved dermal filler to increase erect and flaccid girth.  Flaccid length gains can occasionally also be seen.  Upsize penile filler is the safest and most natural appearing option available to increase penile girth and length.  The procedure can be done in office the same day as your consultation and you will see immediate gains before leaving the office.  There is no downtime and you can return to work right away.  As opposed to other gimmicky options available on the market such as pumps, pills, and plasma injections, Upsize will result in real immediate obvious gains.