Penis Enlargement Surgery Price: How Much Does it Cost and is it Worth it?

Penile augmentation, commonly known as penis enlargement surgery, has become an increasingly popular option for men seeking to improve their self-confidence and overall satisfaction. With the variety of procedures available, it’s crucial to understand the different types and their associated costs. In this guide, we provide a detailed comparison of the most common penile augmentation methods, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your needs and budget.

Types of Penile Augmentation Procedures

Penuma Implant Surgery

    • Description: The Penuma is a crescent-shaped piece of medical-grade silicone inserted under the skin of the penis to increase both length and girth.
    • Average Cost: $15,000 to $20,000

Fat Transfer

    • Description: This method involves transferring fat from another part of the body to the penis, increasing the girth.
    • Average Cost: $4,000 to $10,000

Dermal Fillers

    • Description: Often used for facial cosmetics, dermal fillers can also enhance penile girth.
    • Average Cost: $2,000 to $6,000 per session

Ligament Release Surgery

    • Description: This procedure cuts the ligament that anchors the penis, allowing it to extend out further.
    • Average Cost: $8,000 to $15,000

How Much Does it Cost?

Upsize is one of the safest ways to enlarge your penis due to the long term use history and reversability of hyaluronic acid.  Because it is technically not penis enlargement surgery, rather it is an injectable procedure, you can eliminate the risks associated with major surgeries.  Upsize was developed by Dr. Joel Pash, a Stanford trained physician.  Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic medicine, so costs would need to be paid out of pocket.  Financing however is available.  Upsize costs about $4,000-$12,000 however there are other penis enlargement procedures that are also on the market. Below, we list some other options and their associated prices.

Comparison of Penile Augmentation Options

ProcedureTechniqueAverage CostDuration of Effect
Dermal Fillers (Upsize Procedure)Hyaluronic Acid Fillers$4,000-$12,0002 years - Permanent depending on filler used.
Penuma ImplantSilicone Implant$15,000-$20,000Permanent
Fat TransferFat Grafting$5,000-$13,0001-4 years
Ligament ReleaseSurgical Ligament Cutting$8,000-$15,000Potentially permanent although high risk of paradoxical shortening.

How Does Upsize Penis Enlargement Work?

Upsize is an injectable medical procedure that uses dermal fillers (similar to those used in the face) to increase the girth (thickness) of the penis.  This penile enlargement procedure only takes about 30 minutes and patients can return to work or regular activities immediately.  

Because it is done by highly trained physicians, it has a very high safety profile.  Unlike many penis enlargement surgeries, Upsize does not require you to be circumsized.  

The penis is numbed with lidocaine and an aesthetic microcannula is placed under the skin using 2-6 holes.  The filler is then placed in a layer that enables it to firm up and minimize migration.  Typical patients opt for a 1 inch increase, however 2 inches and higher are possible with the right quantity of filler.

Things to Consider before Opting for Penis Enlargement

  • You should be able to go back to work the same day
  • You will not be able to have sex for 7 days
  • You will not need anesthesia
  • If financing the procedure, you would want to have financing arranged and approved in advance of your visit
  • Upsize has locations all across the US as well as Canada and the UK.  Call our office to find the closest penile enlargement clinic near you.

Are there any Side Effects

Penis enlargement injections with dermal filler are incredibly safe.  As will all medical procedures however there are possibility of complications.  These could include infection, cosmetic imperfections, minor bleeding and brusing as well as incredibly rare more serious complications.

Considerations and Additional Costs

When considering penile augmentation, it's important to factor in potential additional costs:

- Pre-surgical consultations
- Anesthesia fees
- Hospital or surgical facility costs
- Post-surgery garments
- Follow-up treatments

When considering penis enlargement options, it's crucial to have clear and detailed information about the potential costs involved. Whether you're researching "penis enlargement surgery price" or "penis enlargement cost near me," knowing what financial commitment you may be facing is key to making an informed decision.

Why Choose Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Penile enlargement surgery can significantly boost self-esteem and personal satisfaction. If you're searching for "penis enlargement surgery cost," it's important to factor in not only the surgery's price but also the long-term value it offers in terms of enhanced life quality. Alternatives to Surgery: Penis Fillers For those looking for a less invasive option, "penis filler cost" represents a viable alternative. Penis fillers can offer temporary enhancements without the need for surgery. They are generally more affordable and involve less downtime, making them an attractive option for many. Cost Factors to Consider The total "penis enlargement cost" can vary based on several factors, including the type of procedure, the expertise of the surgeon, and the location of the surgery. When searching for "penis enlargement cost near me," consider reaching out to multiple clinics for consultations to compare and contrast pricing and service quality. Get the Best Value for Your Procedure When planning for a penis enlargement procedure, look for the best possible care at a reasonable cost. Researching extensively and comparing different surgeons and their pricing can ensure that you find a balance between quality and affordability.

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