Penis enlargement Surgery Options

Penile Dermal Filler Injections

Penis filler using hyaluronic acid is the newest, safest way to achieve your size goals.  Gain flaccid length and erect/flaccid girth with hyaluronic acid filler.  The procedure is done using minimally invasive injection of filler underneath the fascia in the penis.  The procedure is done in our office in about 90 minutes and you will see immediate gains.  Is is safe, customizable, reversible and natural appearing.

In contrast to our minimally invasive injection technique, other methods of penis enlargement either don’t work (ie. shots, pills, pumps) or require major surgery with or without implants. Below are some of the common surgeries.

Penile suspensory ligament release

Performed by a urologist, this is a major surgery that permanently transects the penile suspensory ligament thereby making the penis hang lower. Mostly this will effect flaccid length. It has a relatively high rate of dissatisfaction and requires general anesthesia, hospital or surgical center admission and is quite costly. It is also non reversible. Often times the penis will revert back to its normal size after the ligament reattaches itself thereby making the surgery pointless. Furthermore, it only realistically gives an inch in length and will have no effect on girth. We see many patients who have previously had a ligamentolysis and are still exploring other options. Many of them are then happy with filler injections.


As with any implant/foreign body inserted surgically into the body, there is a chance of infection (requiring surgical removal, antibiotics, etc), poor healing, scarring, prolonged hospital stay, etc. This is an expensive option and sometimes does not look natural. Also the maximum gain will realistically be under 2 inches in length.

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

Although technically not a penis enlargement surgery, for many people who are overweight this is the most effective way to make the penis “appear” larger. Those who are overweight with large pubic fat pads can have “buried penis syndrome” where the penis becomes retracted into the pubic fat and therefore appears small. Fortunately however, this surgery does work and is effective at making the penis appear larger. Our sister practice, Norcal Liposculpture, run by Dr. Friedlander does perform this procedure. Please click here to be re-directed to their site.

Please feel free to call or text us at 279-799-7400 and our patient coordinator will discuss the best option for you.