Penis Enlargement Financing

You are able to prequalify and apply for financing online by clicking one of the options below. Please contact our office at 279-799-7400 for further questions or to apply over the phone or in our office. Click on the ‘prequalify now’ button to be directed to the appropriate application. You are welcome to apply and secure financing before your appointment if you wish. You are also welcome to apply for more than one option to accept the best offer.

Our recommendation is that those with credit scores above 700 apply with CareCredit.  You may be offered 0% APR with them depending on credit worthiness.  

If your credit score is below 700, you should start by applying with eFinancing Solutions.  

If you are not approved by eFinancing Solutions you may be approved by applying with United Credit.

With United Credit, you may be offered 0% APR for 12 months with them depending on credit score.  For the 2XL package, you may be eligible for 0% APR 24 for 24 months. Please read at the bottom of the page for directions on claiming your 0% APR promotion.


Credit Score over 700
  • Immediate Funding
  • As low as 0% APR
  • From $113 per month*

eFinancing Solutions

Apply first if credit under 700
  • Funding in 2-3 Days
  • As low as 0% APR
  • From $113 per month*

United Credit

Apply second if credit under 700
  • Funding in 2-3 Days
  • As low as 0% APR
  • From $113 per month*
  • $5000 loan. 12.9% APR for 60 months. Payment $113.38

How to claim 0% APR promotions with United Credit:

After filling out and submitting application, if approved, you will be offered several different “Installment Loan Offers.”  If eligible, you will then see text below that says “You Have A Promotional Offer!” At this point you must enter the applicable promotional code into the box:

0% APR for 6 months: FRIENDSHIP7

0% APR for 12 months: FRIENDSHIP8

0% for 24 months: FRIENDSHIP9 (this code will only work if you are financing the 2XL package – ie. over $12,000 loan.)

After submitting the promotion code, you will see a new green box appear that says $xxx PER MONTH NO INTEREST.”  You must select this option.  It does have higher interest rates listed underneath which can be confusing. These are the rates if the loan is not paid off in the allotted time.  You may be asked to enter this code again later in the application so please save it.

If you have problems with this step please call our patient coordinator at 279-799-7400 or call your loan coordinator if you have received an email from them.  0% APR can be added after completing the application if eligible and you have had difficulty.